Getting Crazy with Kids on Acid

This Charleston rock band is the hippest band to come out of South Carolina in years. They have been working their way through local venues and festivals and now seem to be hell-bent on world domination.

It should come as no surprise that a band named "Kids On Acid" are more than a little bit quirky. Indeed, it is a bit challenging to accurately define this band. But it is clear that their success is at least partially due to their unique blend of unusual patterns, innovative guitar effects and beautiful female vocals.

Kids On Acid have been known to keep crowds excited via an eclectic array of unconventional covers and ground-breaking new arrangements. And with over three hours of tightly orchestrated songs to choose from, the band has no problem keeping things fresh and putting together some truly unforgettable set lists.

So if this sounds like the type of thing that gets you going, take a second to swing by their Facebook page and check out a few of their performances for yourself. You will not be disappointed.